A Short History of Finland E-book


The Short History of Finland article series by Modestino Carbone is now published in its entirety as an e-book. The articles have originally been published in the Finn-Guild Links magazine in 2015–2017, and the last two articles of the series have been published in the farewell issue of Links. The article series recounts the history of Finland from 1809 until now. This compact, 30-page e-book is a great read for foreigners interested in Finland's history as well as Finns who want to refresh their knowledge in honour of Finland's 100 years of independence.

Modestino Carbone is an Italian academic, who is fascinated by European languages and cultures. He is especially interested in the history of Finland and Estonia, and is a long-term member of Finn-Guild.

Download the e-book here.

Read the e-book online here.

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